The StandCrafted Story

by Jamie Terbeest August 21, 2016

Welcome to StandCrafted and the obligatory first blog post! I've delayed posting anything until now... we've had lots to do! Our website launch happened in February and so far so good. We've delivered desks to several customers in the US, Europe, and Australia. We're also adding more designs as we grow to cover more unique functional needs for more environments.

As we move forward, we'll have a diverse collection of posts - really whatever is on our mind as it pertains to standing desks, workspaces, business, design, makerspaces, cool installations, and healthy living. Hope you like it!

StandCrafted's Start

Before I founded StandCrafted, I used standing desks for many years while working long hours as a technology consultant. Like most standing desk adopters, I made due with what was available - cardboard boxes, makeshift wooden platforms, and flimsy first-to-market inventions - almost all of which required existing desks to make it all work. What a waste of space, not to mention an eyesore!

There are some great standing desks out there, but I wanted something different, something that barely took up any space. I recently became a father and I transitioned my home office to a nursery. I was forced to move my workplace to a corner of my living room. The only other option was our couch - not a great long term office solution!

After hours of searching on the internet and with no luck finding a suitable wall-mountable desk, I designed and patented one of my own. After realizing the benefit and potential, I evolved my design to share the StandCrafted desk with everyone.

Now, StandCrafted desks are designed to keep your work environment functional and minimalistic. The desk eliminates traditional desk space by going vertical. As a result, the desk owner stays healthy, uses minimal square footage, stays focused on tasks at hand, and has a sharp looking work area!

With a wall-mountable approach soundly in place, I had a final design after countless design iterations to ease manufacturing, improve functionality, increase modularity, simplify installation, decrease costs, and ensure long term reliability.  

Most importantly, there are no fancy apps, no motors, and no embedded electronics to worry about. It’s a solid, great piece of furniture!

Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to hearing from you. - Jamie

Jamie Terbeest
Jamie Terbeest


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