Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an installer?
We certainly recommend a professional installer or someone with confidence and knowledge of mounting systems to walls (e.g. handyman skills). The installation is closely analogous to large LCD screens mounted to walls. That said, installation is quick and we tried to make the instructions as straightforward as possible! We're also open to questions at
Can I install in my apartment?
Many leases include provisions for hanging photos, mounting modern TV screens, and adding objects to apartment walls. Installation of StandCrafted desks include no more than 4 drywall, wall stud, or masonry anchors. For least impact and sturdiest install, we recommend installing the desk at a wall stud. Drywall screws will leave 1/2" holes. Masonry screws will leave 5/16" holes. All traces of installation can be repaired using silicon or wall putty from a local hardware store. If applied as instructed, the impacted areas will leave no trace behind when moving to a new location.
What are the dimensions of the StandCrafted Desk?
Complete dimensions and size of our product can be found here.
How much does Shipping cost?
Shipping offers free shipping anywhere in the continental United States! For all customers outside those areas, we will be happy to coordinate shipping to you. If buying several desks, we can determine volume discounts with various shipping vendors. If you country is not listed, please let us know and we will add pricing, and an international fees (e.g. VAT tax) that may apply for your location. Please contact
Do I have to stand all day with this desk?
Not at all! The StandCrafted design allows you to rapidly rotate modules to new configurations, allowing you to raise or lower each mount as needed. Health professionals recommend standing frequently, but not all the time. Give your body some needed breaks occasionally!  If you're looking for a great sitting accessory for leaning or sitting, we recommend checking out our friend's seats over at Focal Upright Furniture. Our founder uses the Mogo every day.
How large of a monitor can the Monitor Mount support?
The bamboo and HDPE materials can support monitors in excess of 20 pounds (9 kg). Beyond that, we do not recommend using heavier monitors to ensure ease of movement as your workstyle preferences change. 
Are iMacs and other all-in-one PCs supported?
Yes. The monitor mount can support any equipment that is VESA compatible. For the iMac (and the Apple Cinema Display), Apple separately sells a VESA mount that replaces the desktop stand. That VESA mount attaches to our monitor module. We provide the M4 screws to attach to that Apple module (and any other VESA monitor). 
Can this support a dual monitor?
Yes, we have a multi-monitor solution (not yet visible for sale). We designed a 14" spine that supports a single VESA monitor mount. This spine can be mounted off to the side or above any other spine and added many times for as many monitors as you prefer.
Is the desk reversible for opposite module orientation?
Yes. At the time of installation with adjustment to the rear slides on each module, the StandCrafted Spine can rotate 180 degrees against the wall allowing modules to be inserted from the left side. The rear module slides must be removed, reversed and reattached. Additional pilot holes will need to be drilled in the rear side of the modules.
Do you design custom desks?
Yes. We love to hear your ideas, whether it's a personal/corporate need, a big idea, or a 'nice-to-have' adjustment. Custom desks are able to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis if mutually beneficial to customer, StandCrafted, and our small volume manufacturer. Please contact us at so we discuss further.
Could the StandCrafted be mounted to a cubicle wall?
Our current model is not designed to do so. If the candidate wall surface is structurally sound for supporting a 17 pound desk plus equipment and one of the mounting options (drywall, wall stud, masonry) is achievable, we leave the judgment to the customer. Please be advised of our return policy with respect to mounting equipment and any damage done to the desk if the installation fails.