Monitor Addition

  • The Monitor Table is the perfect accessory to quickly double or triple your monitor real estate for any of the StandCrafted desks. The smallest of our spines, only 14" tall, is packaged with monitor mount.

    The Side Table is ideal in the home or corporate office giving the user additional space to continue being productive in an efficient, organized, and modern workspace.

    Please note that prices vary with material selections. Some material options are not currently shown in photographs but are infact available for purchase.

    Also, please note that the 14" spines will be completely hidden from view with 27" monitors properly mounted in a default center notch setting. The spines are shown in the photos with monitors positioned in the top-most notch (so you can actually see the product you're buying!).

  • · 14” StandCrafted Spine
    · Monitor Mount
    · Mounting Hardware
  • Some assembly required. Instruction manuals and videos can be found at

  • Order fulfillment takes between 1 and 4 weeks depending on raw material availability at the time of the order. We make every effort to maintain stock of materials. Manufacturing generally occurs on the same week as the order and upon completion we ship directly to you.


Type: Desk Packages