Install Kit: Wood Wall Studs

  • Securing screws through the desk and into wall studs is an incredibly strong option if the installation allows for it.

    This wall stud kit includes 5 bolts and washers that support mounting to typical construction environments with wooden 2x4" walls studs. We include links to the parts from our supplier (see next tab) in the event you just want to order directly from them. Ordering through us includes a shipping and handling fee, so we recommend just going through them if this is all you're ordering.

    Please note, we have an inventory process that generally precludes us from custom swapping drywall mounts with other solutions in desk package orders. We ship these kits individually, so drywall kits generally come standard.
  • · Five black zinc plated wall stud bolts
    · Five black oxide washers
  • Instruction manuals and videos can be found at
  • Order fulfillment takes less than a week unless we ship with a desk package. For desk packages, order fulfillment takes between 1 and 4 weeks depending on raw material availability at the time of the order. We make every effort to maintain stock of materials. Manufacturing generally occurs on the same week as the order and upon completion we ship directly to you.

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