Keyboard/Trackpad/Mouse Module

  • This module pairs well with the laptop tray and the monitor mount for users that prefer a desktop-like environment. If positioned properly on the StandCrafted Spine, this module encourages the best standing desk ergonomics for proper shoulder, arm, and wrist extension throughout the day.

    Based on the placement of the Spine, you can raise and lower this module by 4 inches between each Spine slide The micro adjustment within the module allows you to fine tune the vertical position within 4 inches. The user can also rotate the keyboard platform around a horizontal plane to the optimal ergonomic wrist angle to avoid fatigue. Ideally, the user will experience nearly weightless impact with the keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

    This module comes in two versions:
    · Universal - Supports any mid-sized peripherals on a 23" wide, flat board
    · Apple - Flush-mounted Apple Version 2 Magic Keyboard and Trackpad components
  • · One 4-piece precision cut keyboard module assembly
    · Hardware for micro vertical adjustment and rotational wrist adjustment
    · Rear slide for StandCrafted Spine installation
  • Some assembly is required. Instruction manuals and videos can be found at

  • Order fulfillment takes between 1 and 4 weeks depending on raw material availability at the time of the order. We make every effort to maintain stock of materials. Manufacturing generally occurs on the same week as the order and upon completion we ship directly to you.

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