Extra Rear Slides

  • Make your own module!

    If you have a unique idea for your own standing desk module, we sell the rear module slides individually for the DIYers.

    Each rear slide is precision cut by a CNC machine to the exact dimensions of the StandCrafted Spines. We do not recommend trying to reprodue them on your own. The threshold for a precise fit is down to a few thousandths of an inch.
  • · One Rear Slide with three pre-drilled holes to mount your module
    · Three #8 Wood Screws. Note: you may want to procure different length screws depending on your module.
  • Some assembly required. Instruction manuals and videos can be found at https://www.standcrafted.com/support
  • Order fulfillment takes between 1 and 4 weeks depending on raw material availability at the time of the order. We make every effort to maintain stock of materials. Manufacturing generally occurs on the same week as the order and upon completion we ship directly to you.
Bamboo Natural Flatgrain
HDPE Black
HDPE White

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