StandCrafted Wall Spine

  • The StandCrafted desks are built around a unique spine-like design.

    The right side of the Spine allows for modules to be quickly reconfigured to fit the user's needs. Each module easily slides in and out and can be moved up or down based on the functional / physical needs of the user.

    The left side of the Spine features a rear cable conduit to hide your cables out of sight while hooking in and out to connect to devices. Simple yet effective.

    There are three sizes of the Spine: 14", 30", and 46"
  • · One Spine
    · Drywall mounting hardware
  • Some assembly is required. Instruction manuals and videos can be found at
  • Order fulfillment takes between 1 and 4 weeks depending on raw material availability at the time of the order. We make every effort to maintain stock of materials. Manufacturing generally occurs on the same week as the order and upon completion we ship directly to you.
Bamboo Natural Flatgrain
HDPE Black
HDPE White

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