The StandCrafted Desk

  • The StandCrafted desk is an eco-friendly, modular, wall-mounted standing desk designed to provide the user with an efficient, organized, modern workspace. The StandCrafted includes a monitor mount, small table, keyboard module, and laptop tray. This desk replaces traditional, bulky desks that take up significant office space. 


  • Some assembly required. Instruction manuals and videos are available at

  • Order fulfillment takes between 1 and four weeks depending on raw material availability at the time of the order. We make every effort to maintain a stock of materials. Manufacturing occurs in the same week as the order, and upon completion, we ship directly to you.

The StandCrafted Desk Overview



Minimal Footprint

  • Designed for the “real estate challenged” office
  • Reduce the square footage of the traditional workplace down to ~10 square feet while enriching the vertical space
  • New option for business interiors which embrace open, collaborative environments

Clutter-Free Workplace

  • Only use the modules needed to escape from distractions
  • Elegant cable management design behind desk to keep work area clean

Work Healthier

  • Mitigate the risks associated with prolonged sitting
  • Designed to support proper ergonomics

Environmentally Friendly

Our design influences sustainability in many more ways than you would think!

  • Reduces need for bulky furniture
  • Reduces real estate dependency
  • Less real estate and furniture dependencies minimize material consumption 
  • Our designs encourage a paper-free workplace
  • Our desks leverage eco-friendly materials:
    • biodegradable and highly sustainable bamboo
    • LEED certified (vendor specifications available upon request)

StandCrafted Spine

  • The StandCrafted desks include a unique StandCrafted Spine
  • The Spine allows for modules to be quickly reconfigured to fit the user's needs - easily slide modules in, out, up, or down as needed

Fully Adjustable

  • To reinforce proper ergonomics, the StandCrafted desk allows users to adjust modules to their preferred height
  • The Keyboard module is designed to not only move vertically but also rotational  to support the user's wrist

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